First ever live liver transplantation performed at BGS Apollo Hospital Mysuru

Mysuru, August 13:- The first ever live liver transplantation was performed at BGS Apollo Hospitals in the city recently.

Sharing about the successful transplantation at a press meet held at Mysuru Press Club here on Monday, the doctors of the hospital said that for the first time in the history of Mysuru a live liver transplantation was performed. The wife donated her liver to her 36-year-old husband, a native of Kanakapura diagnosed with Chronic Liver Disease (CLD).

“The man was diagnosed with CLD after various initial tests, and further he was advised to undergo liver transplantation. The patient was added to an organ transplant waiting list, but when no good options materialised, the couple’s anxiety grew. Exploring further options after explaining the need for liver transplant the patient’s family was counselled for the option of a live donor liver transplant as cadaveric transplant would take time in view of a tong waiting list. His wife was willing to donate a part of her liver to her husband. After working up the donor and ascertaining that her organ anatomy is suitable for donation with internal committee approval and documentation, BGS Apollo Hospital which is the only licensed liver transplant unit in the city, decided to perform LDLT (Live Donor Liver Transplant surgery). This is a procedure in which a living donor donates a part of their organ or a whole organ to the recipient. In this case it was his wife, who took a step forward to donate part of her liver,” said the doctors.

“BGS Apollo Hospitals Mysuru surgeons Dr Manish Chandra Varma; Dr Anand Rammurthy; Dr Sunil Shanwy; Dr Karthik Raichurkar; Dr Manjunath; Dr Navkanth; Dr Shashidhara Reddy; Dr Velmurgan  and the entire liver transplant team performed a successful Live Donor Liver Transplant surgery on July 31. Now after 13 days, the couple is healthy and happy. This surgery was performed with all the required documentation and consent of the couple,” the doctors added.

“It is to be noted that a liver is a regenerative organ and can grow back to its full size in two months,” said Dr Rajkumar P Wadhwa, Chief Gastroenterologist and Head of Institute of Gastrosciences, BGS Apollo Hospitals.

“BGS Apollo Hospitals Mysuru is proud of these doctors for conducting the transplantation successfully and we take a bow to the 26-year-old woman who stood up for this noble cause. India needs more people like this, to come forward and register for ‘Organ Donation.’ Donate Organs – Save Lives,” said N G Bharateesha Reddy, vice president, operations unit head, BGS Apollo Hospitals Mysuru. -(KMR, KK)

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