First rain of the year brings respite to Mysureans

Low-lying areas in Mysuru flooded with rain and sewage water; power supply disrupted

Mysuru, February 11:- Mysuru city received first rain of the year on Sunday night. The soaring temperatures have come down again with the rain. People seemed to be enjoying the cool evening breeze with the rain.

The pre-monsoon rain occurred between 7:30 pm and 8:30 pm. Even after the rain stopped, the drizzle continued through the night. The fragrance of fresh soil enthralled the people. Farmers say that the drought situation will ease if it rains further in the next few days.

A huge mango tree got uprooted at Shankara Mutt 2nd cross street and disrupted electricity supply in the area. The power supply may be interrupted until the repair the work is completed. Several low-lying areas were inundated with rain and sewage water across the city following the rains.

A car belonging to one Chandru, which was parked under the tree was damaged. A coconut tree on Kalidasa Road was struck by lightning. (MR/KS)


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