Five-year-old falls sick after consuming ‘stale’ ice cream

Mysuru, January 12:- Are you an ice cream lover? You will have to think twice if you are used to eating ice cream regularly.   If you aren’t cautious while buying ice cream, you may end up in a hospital as it happened with little Ranjith. Please don’t forget to see the expiry date before eating the ice cream.

Murali, a resident of Siddharatha layout, bought a pack of Amul ice cream from Bangarpet Chats Centre on Vinaya road at around 8:30 pm. His four-year-old son Ranjith fell ill soon after eating the ice cream.  He was immediately admitted to a private hospital for treatment. The hospital stated that the child fell ill as the ice cream was stale. Murali has filed a police complaint against the shop owner at the Nazarbad police station.

The chat centre owner said that the distributors are responsible for providing the expired ice cream and the distributor said they are not responsible it either. Due to the negligence of shop owner and the distributor, the child had to pay a price. (MR/KMR).

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