Flexes back in city; no action yet

Mysuru, May 15:- The heritage city has won the cleanest city award not once but twice. Just when everyone was feeling about it, came the shock recently that the city has been pushed to fifth place. All the citizens, young and old alike, want the city to be at its best.

A drive down the arterial roads in the city, one will see flexes and banners everywhere. Flexes and banners for what? Are they really contributing to city’s cleanliness? Certainly not. They only act as publicity material for a person or a party. And, nothing else.

Former Mayor B L Bhyrappa had standing instructions against flexes and banners in the city. He also took a pledge to make the city free from flexes and banners and worked hard to make it come true. But Mayor M J Ravi Kumar doesn’t seem to take cue from his predecessor.

Sample this: Former chief ministser H D Kumaraswamy was in the city last week to inaugurate the office of Sa Ra Mahesh. A flex sprung on an electric pole suddenly. Do we need one week to remove the flexes that have become an eyesore for one and all?. Even the MCC Commissioner G Jagadish who travels by this road has failed to notice these flexes. Are MCC officials listening? (MR/KS).

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