Flipkart takes matrimonial world by storm

If reports are to be believed, the leading e-commerce giant Flipkart is now trying its hands in uniting people.

Flipkart has swiftly moved to start a virtual space www.flip-status.in for bachelor boys and girls who have faced rejections in a traditional chai-tray way of finding their life partners or have failed to find a partner on the matrimonial websites.

“If we could sell Chinese mobile on our website, selling Indian brides and grooms is an easy job for us,” claims Sachin, CEO of Flipkart. “We have decided to extend this much-needed help we found some obnoxious comments in the review sections of our products that are on sale on Flipkart,” he said.

“A majority of them had Facebook accounts linked to one or other matrimonial site. Upon investigation, we found that they are but some hopeless and desperate bachelors who were trying to vent their inner frustration. Thus the idea of flipstatus evolved,” Bansal explained.

He, however, claimed that the service would be provided under the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at very affordable prices. “Service to the desperate and depressed in indeed a service to God,” Bansal said.

Since the time of its announcement, a radical transformation on the virtual platform has taken place with the dejected seekers of life partners from other matrimonial sites switching to flipstatus.

One of the flipstatus users, who claims to be fed up being single looks told this reporter that “I was thoroughly disgusted to discover that there was nobody to see or at least stalk my photos on jeevansathi.com. I uploaded number photos and selfies to impress girls, but in vain. It was then that flipstatus came as a ray of hope to me. Quite excited now,” said the user.

“When I hit ‘add to cart’ button on a girl, picture, I got a message saying ‘out of stock’. This is ridiculous. The girl who continuously got rejected by so many other matrimonial sites, got selected in less than 60 seconds here,” said another user in wonder who failed to find a life partner here too due to high traffic of fellow seekers. “I mean it’s amazing, what say,” he asked this reporter.

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