Fly high with PM: Modi kites a big hit

Prime News, National (New Delhi), August 15:- Kite sellers in the city have been doing a brisk business in the days leading up to August 15. As people get set to celebrate India’s 72nd Independence Day, kites in all shapes, sizes and with photos of well-known personalities are flying off the shelves.

The city’s Lal Kuan bazaar was especially crowded on Tuesday, a day before Independence Day. Local traders said they have been selling kites by the dozens. Some regret not keeping a larger stock – especially of a particular design with the face of PM Narendra Modi on it. A smiling PM Modi is seen against the backdrop of the Red Fort and the novelty factor of it may be the reason behind it being a favourite among buyers.

Modi’s face is not the only one on kites available across the city.

Reflecting the political mood in the country, Congress president Rahul Gandhi also features in some of the kites although he has to share space with the Prime Minister. One such kite reads ‘Mahasangram’ which roughly translates to ‘grand battle’.

Then there are the usual favourites which feature cricketers and Bollywood superstars. These are a hit mostly with the young crowd, according to the sellers.

Kites are symbolic of freedom and, therefore, flown with much enthusiasm across India on Independence Day. (MR, Inputs: Agencies).

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