Follow Buddhist principles to do away with casteism: DSS Leader

“Buddha’s teachings have paved the way for peace, love and kindness towards oth­ers. At this time of intolerance there is an urgent need to fol­low Buddhist principles so as to do away with casteism and religious intolerance,” opined Dalit Sangharsha Samithi state convener Hariharanan­daswamy.

He was speaking after inaugurating the Buddha Jayanthi celebrations organ­ised by Mahabodhi Dr B R Ambedkar Vividoddhesha Sa­hakara Sangha at its premis­es, recently.

He said that Dr Ambedkar was the voice of Dalits and the downtrodden. “Though he himself was a victim of casteism, but stood against all odds and worked for the welfare of the community. However, exploitation of Dal-it has not seen an end even today. Buddha, Basavanna, Vivekananda and others lead­ers were also human beings like us but they have carved a niche for themselves because of their charismatic person­ality. It is the responsibility of each individual to strive and empower the downtrodden in the society,” he added.

Sangha president Rajappa, Rural Police PSI Puttaraju, sec­retary Srinivas were present.

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