Follow MHRD guidlines for online classes; Karnataka govt tells schools, colleges

Prime News, Karnataka, Education, Health, Disease, Bengaluru, June 29:- The Karnataka government has asked all the schools and colleges to adhere to the guidelines issued by Ministry of Human Resources and Development (MHRD) for the time being for conducting online classes for the students in view of Covid-19 pandemic which has inevitably lead to the closure of educational institutions.

The educational institutions have closed since March 24 across the country after the Centre had announced the Covid-19  lockdown which was extended thrice till May 30.

As per the guidelines, for the students of pre-primary classes, online communication and guidance can be provided one day in a week for 30 minutes with the parents. The Education Department has formed a committee of experts to create guidelines as there are many complaints about several schools from the state following unscientific ways of online teaching. In the meanwhile, the high court has advised the government to allow for limited period online education.

The MHRD has said that this is subject to the discretion of the states depending on the prevailing situation. The state government now wants this guideline to be followed.

This new guideline, the government has clearly stated, will be applicable till the experts committee appointed by the state government submits its report and its guidelines are released. The government has also said that online education is being provided to supplement regular education.

Therefore, it has asked the schools not to charge any additional fee for this service. It has told the schools in no uncertain terms that the expenses involved should be borne out of the annual tuition fee that is charged to the students.As per the new guidelines, online classes can be undertaken as follows:

As per the new guideline, online classes can be undertaken as follows: For pre-primary classes – 30 minute session once a week.

Class 1 to 5: 30 to 45 minutes every alternate days; Class 6 to 8: 30 to 45 minutes – two sessions per day for five days a week and Class 9 and 10: 30 to 45 minutes – four sessions a day for five days a week. (NAV, Inputs: Agencies)

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