Foods to avoid

According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), some of the following foods are carcinogenic. Drinking very hot beverages over a period of time can lead to oesophagus cancer. IARC has placed processed meat in category 1 of cancer causing substance. The lining material used in the paper covers of microwave popcorn is also a carcinogenic. Refined wheat flour and refined sugar feed the cancer cells with more nutrients. Cured salted foods that contain nitrates and nitrites which in turn may get converted to N-nitroso compounds like nitrosamines and nitrosamides may increase the risk of cancer. Refined hydrogenated vegetable oil which contains trans fats has been linked to breast cancer. Consuming two soft drinks a week can increase the potential risk of pancreatic cancer.  The caramel colour used in soft drinks is also linked to cancer. The report also indicated that the genetically modified corn developed mammary tumours in rats and caused severe liver and kidney damage. French fries and potato chips may contain a potential carcinogen acrylamide, which is formed during the frying at high temperature. Hence, it is advisable to avoid these foods as far as possible.

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