Foreign students make a beeline for University of Mysore

City police to organise an orientation programme to sensitise students about public behaviour and law of the land.

Here is some good news to cheer about. More than 500 new students from foreign countries will pursue academic courses in Mysuru from this August. As of now, there are more than 3,000 foreign students from 67 foreign countries in the city pursuing their studies.

The city is counted among the top five in India for foreign students to pursue their higher studies. This year, more than 500 students from Tanzania, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka will be coming to Mysuru to pursue various courses from this academic year, said Tinashe, Vice President of Federation of International Students Association Mysuru.

The students have already registered themselves at the International Centre at the University of Mysore which facilitates admissions to various academic programmes.

The centre has an academic committee comprising deans from all disciplines. This smoothens the assessment process of eligible students as against the degrees they have secured and the courses they want to pursue.

While the city is a preferred destination for foreign students, the administrative machinery is worried about maintaining law and order in the wake of some stray incidents involving foreign students especially from African countries.

“Recently there are many incidents where foreign students have gone against the law of the land in cities including Bengaluru and New Delhi. Such incidents should not happen here in Mysuru. Once the new foreign students get admissions at various colleges, an orientation programme will be conducted by DCP Shekar,” Tinashe said.

“India is known for its cultural values and it has got its own restrictions. Here, women are treated with respect and there are separate seats for men and women in buses and educational institutions. The orientation programme will sensitise foreign students on how to behave in public and would also make aware of the law of the land,” he said.

Health walk on July 17

More than 500 students are expected to take part in the health walk program which will be held at the University of Mysore gate on July 17. The walk will begin at 3.30 pm.


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