Former CM Kumaraswamy urges Karnataka government to provide immunity booster kits, sanitisers to all households

Health News, Karnataka, Bengaluru, July 13:-Provide immunity booster kits, sanitisers to every households in the state, suggest former Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy on Monday.

Taking to Twitter he wrote “In view of the outbreak of coronavirus, government should provide Vitamin C tablets and Ayush ministry certified immunity booster kits and sanitisers to every households in the state”

In a series of Tweets he further wrote that “The immunity booster kits should be freely available in every medical stores and general stores, in addition to this patients with symptoms should be given proper medicine, then only it is possible to control the novel coronavirus.” If not possible to provide every household, it should be provided to at least those who is having BPL cards he added.

In the next tweet he says Centre should provide the list of supplements that helps people to avoid the contracting the dreaded disease.
In his fifth tweet he criticise the Karnataka government saying “It is not secret that the state government taking incorrect decisions everyday and thus by fail to prevent the spread of Covid-19”

H D Kumarasamy urged that at least now government should take proactive steps in the interest of people in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. (NAV)

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