Former mayor opposes land ownership card

Mysuru, June 2:- “When the then deputy commissioner of Mysuru, C Shikha tried to implement land ownership card in Mysuru, the Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) stopped it, citing mistakes in it. Now, an attempt is being made to implement the same, which will trouble many landowners of Mysuru,” said former mayor B L Bhyrappa at a press meet at Mysuru press club on Saturday.

“Those who have received sites from MUDA have constructed houses. Those who have taken loans have to submit all their documents to get new card number. Does it make the documents and numbers given by MUDA invalid? Where there are no proper documents, it should be implemented and not where everything is normal,” he said.

He urged the authorities to stop the project till the new state government cabinet is formed.

Siddalingappa, Shivanna were present. (MR/KMR).

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