Former mayor opposes Sir MV’s statue at KRS

Mysuru, June 6:- “Come what may, we won’t allow the government construct the statue of Sir M Visvesvaraya at KRS,” said former mayor Purushottam at a press meet at Jaladarshini guest house in the city held in association with various organisations on Saturday.

“There is no personal contributions from Sir MV to Mysuru. He was just a diwan of Mysuru. He was an engineer to construct KRS. He was paid for his work. Statue of Sir MV should not be established along with that of Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar,” he said.

“Installing the statue of Visvesvaraya along with that of Nalvadi will set a bad precedent. It is an attempt to degrade the royal family. Mirza Ismail was the diwan for a longer time than Visvesvaraya but he is not that famous. This is causing suspicion,” he opined.

“We will meet the chief minister and let him know our opposition.  Many people accepted Visvesvaraya without knowing much about him and now they know the truth. They have accepted Nalvadi as the architect of Mysuru. Vokkaligas, Lingayats and Muslim organisations should fight against the statue. Visvesvaraya was against teaching oppressed classes. His statue should not be established,” he added.

“Pramoda Devi Wadiyar might be interested in politics. That’s why she has given permission for the statue. She said that she would agree to what the government says. Yaduveer still a young boy. He says yes to whatever his mother says,” he said. (MR/KS).


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