Foundation of Sufism is love, intense devotion: Writer

Prof Venkatagirigowda Samskrutika Shikshana Parishat, Mysuru, in association with Karnataka Vichara Vedike had organised a seminar to discuss the aesthetics and values of Sufi Culture at Maneyangala, Kalamandir, on Friday.

A plethora of renowned speakers shed light on the culture, its origin, growth and the message it has for the world.

Delivering his inaugural speech, noted writer Dr Malali Vasant Kumar describe Sufism as a movement emerged from within Islam that spread the message of love and peace. Tolerance and love towards all was the basic foundation on which, he said, Sufism was founded.

“Similar to other religions, there are a few fundamentalists in Islam as well. Their ideology contradicts with Sufis and it is for that reason they don’t like them,” Dr Vasant Kumar observed.

Contrary to popular belief among Muslims that Islam was there since the origin of the first human being – Adam, Dr Vasant Kumar said that Islam got fame only during Prophet Muhammad and Sufism was popular even before Muhammed.

Retired professor Shabbir Mustafa said that religions had been politicised in last three decades and being used as vote bank politics. Politicising of the religions also had brought differences among religions. But, he said, Sufism was free of all differences and worldly affairs. “There is no place for any negativity in Sufism. It’s a mystical dimension of Islam and is a unifying force which stands solely on love and intense devotion,” he said.

Sufism developed religious practices focusing on strict self-control that enable both psychological and mystical insights as well as a loss of self, with the ultimate goal of mystical union with God, Prof Mustafa added.

Historian Prof B Shiek Ali presided over the seminar. Karnataka Sahitya Parishat, Mysuru, president Dr Y D Rajanna and president, Dastari Education Society, Mysuru, D Timmaiah were present.

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