Four years after gang-rape, Nirbhaya kin remember her

A horrific gang-rape that shocked and angered the nation happened four years ago on this day. On Friday, Nirbhaya’s parents called for a meeting here to express anguish and solidarity with the victims of sexual assault. Four years after the terrifying ‘Nirbhaya’ rape, the parents of the 23-year old para-medical student, yet to get over their pain, organised a meeting to commemorate the brutal attack and to discuss how much has changed or stayed the same since 2012. That the anger of the people who had taken to the streets post December 16, in solidarity with the victim, is not yet extinguished was evident from the reaction from one of the agitators present at the gathering.

The rape which had occurred on the December 16, 2012, had seen massive protests across India, especially in the national capital, where a countless youths had spilled out on the streets and at prominent places, asking for the heads of the culprits. The brutal rape was committed inside a moving bus.

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