Free drop for bank employees

Safe Wheels, a leading travel establishment in Mysuru, are providing free drop service for the bank employees from their respective bank to home till November 30.

In view of the recent events of demonetisation, B S Prashanth and team at Safe Wheels realise the long schedules, the irritated customers, and strenuous work load which the bank employees are going through in the course of a noble deed. Understanding that the working hours are long now and that it is hard to go back home safe and sound, Safe Wheels will provide a safe travel back home and which would help them to work better, stated a press release.

Safe Wheels has taken up this initiative to offer Free Drop from Bank to Home for all Female Bank Employees of Mysuru till November 30. Given that the situation doesn’t saturate by then, they might extend the serves to few more days.

The bank employees may register to get the benefit of the initiation by calling 0821-4001100.

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