Freshman Day held at NIE

Technology is changing very fast and also becoming very simple.  Therefore, jobs are becoming redundant, said D A Prasanna, chairman and founder of Ecron Acunova and chairman and founder, Manipal Acunova Ltd, Bengaluru, here on Monday.

Addressing the newly joined students at the ‘Freshman Day’ function at the National Institute of Engineering (NIE), Mysuru, Prasanna said unless the students acquire proper skill and learn new things required for tomorrow in the right way, it is tough to compete and get a good job.  

Prasanna said though engineering colleges provide knowledge, the students have to develop skills, be it social skills, inter-personal skills, communication skills and called upon the students to keep away from Facebook, iphone and jump into participating in class, hostels, and sports and in extra-curricular activities. “All these are the ones which help engineering students to learn skills.  Though knowledge alone is important, but knowledge without skills is like trying to learn swimming by reading a book.”

He exhorted the freshers to focus on the third dimension – attitude. ‘Attitude to compete and win is very critical to successes.  “If one develops the right knowledge, the right skills and the right attitude, he or she can surely compete to win the toughest challenges in his or her career.”

NIE managing committee president Srinath Batni and other members including vice-president N Ramanuja, secretary S K Lakshminarayana, treasurer T K Chittaranjan, Bengaluru centre head of TCS E S Chakravarthy, Principal and CEO of NIE Dr G L Shekar and other principals of NIE group of institutions were present.

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