From now pay your traffic fines at Mysore One centres

With thousands of cases of traffic violations booked in the city every year, it is only prop­er to have a streamlined and online system of paying fine for traffic violations. Following the footsteps of Bengaluru Traffic police, the Mysuru city police have integrated their fine payment service with My­sore One centres.

Henceforth Mysureans can pay their traffic and parking violations fines at Mysore One centres. While paying fine, violators must produce the notice issued to them.

Providing details about the initiative, City Police Commis­sioner B Dayananda said on Saturday that till now, violators had to approach the respec­tive police stations to pay the fine. “As part of e-administra­tion, we have launched this people-friendly initiative. A service charge of Rs 5 have to be paid along with the fine at the Mysore One centres. For example, if the fine amount is Rs 100, a fine of Rs 105 has to be paid,” he explained.


In another move to ensure passenger safety, the city police have launched an initiative of affixing display cards inside the private tax­ies and cabs. The drivers have to mandatorily display the details including name, vehicle registration num­ber, address, mobile num­ber, travel agency name if the cab is attached to any agency, the driver’s blood group etc.

This is to ensure that all the drivers are screened and it is easy for the commuters and the police to identify them in case of trouble or an emergency. “From today we will freely distribute the dis­play boards and the drivers have to mandatorily display them on their vehicles,” the commissioner said.


The city police have also taken up the initiative of implement­ing MTRAC guidelines to bring in traffic discipline. And as part of the project awareness materials including books, posters and pamphlets will be distributed among the public and schoolchildren, the com­missioner said.


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