Fuel prices touch a record high in 4 years; brings misery to common man

Mysuru, April 2, Petrol prices in Mysuru is hovering at Rs 74.74 per litre on April 2 an increase of Rs 0.50 per litre, the highest in 4 years. The price increase on petrol, diesel and CNG brings the fear in the minds of common people that the price of essential commodities may increase dramatically as transportation sector is heavily dependent on diesel consuming vehicles.

When the price was tracked down for petrol from  March 16, 2018 to April 2, 2018, the total price increase affected was Rs 1.46 per litre. The highest price for petrol on March 30 was Rs 74.24 per litre, lowest in March was Rs 72.46 on March 1. The average petrol price for the month of March was Rs 73.49.

Diesel price quoted on April 2 is at Rs 65.55 per litre, an increase of Rs 0.54 in Mysuru.

The last 10 days of diesel trending from March 16 was at Rs 63.66 per litre on March 16 and it reached Rs 65.55 per litre on April 2, affecting overall increase of Rs 1.89. The average price of diesel in Mysuru in March was at Rs 64.03.

Auto gas or CNG price quoted on April 2 is Rs 52.88 per litre.

Consumers are already feeling the heavy burden on account of steep hike in LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) by the Centre which wants to remove the subsidy gradually and to bring the prices on par with market price.

Certainly the coming days appears to be tough owing to increase of prices of all commodities to common people in the country. -(NAV)

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