Fuel Station toilets accessible to people in Mysuru; MCC installs signboards

Mysuru, July 23:- With intent to encourage more people to use toilets at Fuel Stations and Petrol Bunks across the city; Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) has installed sign boards at several fuel stations in the city.

MCC officials in the beginning of the year had persuaded the petroleum dealers in the city to compulsorily allow public to use the toilets at fuel pumps or at their outlets which will curb the people from urinating at public places. Few petroleum dealers had also agreed to the request of the corporation and allowed the public or the customers to use the washrooms at the premises of fuel outlets. Though this initiative was well appreciated, but the people were hesitant to use the washrooms at petrol bunks as it did not display any sign boards directing the people or tourists to use the toilets for free.

Now the MCC has gone a step forward and have installed signboards at various petrol bunks directing the way to toilet’s installed at Fuel Pumps in the city. The MCC has installed these signboards at a petrol bunk near Mysuru Railway Station, on Dhanvanthri Road where the footfall of the floating population is high. This move will certainly help the tourists including the foreigners who take a walk on the major roads in the heritage city of Mysuru.

The city which has more than 80 fuel stations would now facilitate the public to use the toilets and washrooms.

Speaking to CityToday, an employee of the Fuel Station here said that the MCC officials installed the signboards on Sunday, but the people need to be sensitised on it. Few customers who come to fuel pumps use the toilets, but the people rarely visit the washrooms,” he said.

It may be recalled that MCC during the last three to four months had caught nearly 200 and odd people urinating at public places and were fined.

The MCC has been constantly striving hard to enhance the city’s image. However, the citizens need to be sensitised on the issue on a larger scale.

-Karthik K K

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