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Fun and romantic ideas for newlyweds on Holi

In North India, unlike festivals like the first Diwali and first Karvachauth, the first Holi is a more chilled out one. Not many believe in celebrating it in a very grand way. It is more of fun, food, friends and family time. But as interesting, fun and awesome the Holi morning is where you eat gujias, have bhang shots, dance in the water and just let your hair down, the following evening is rather boring and lazy, especially if you and your spouse stay alone in a nuclear family set up. Why let half of your day be amazing, and the other half uninteresting?

So, here are ways all you newlyweds can make your Holi evening- an evening to remember!

A house party with close friends

Since playing with all that water will obviously make you little tired, catch up on some sleep in the afternoon and then in the evening, just have your close friends over at your place, and order for some food and drinks. Just relax, rewind, chit chat, dance, sing and have a gala time.

A short road trip

This year, Holi falls on a Thursday, the next day happens to be GOOD FRIDAY, which is also a holiday, followed by a great Saturday and Sunday weekend. That makes it four holidays in a row. So clean up all the Holi colours, catch up on your relaxing nap, pack up and drive away for a peaceful romantic getaway.

Catching up with the fam jam

If you happen to be staying alone and do not get the time to meet the rest of your family quite often because of your and their hectic work schedules, make use of the festival holiday to catch up. After you are done playing, relax a bit and go meet your family, your in-laws and spend some quality family time together.

Go out for a movie and dinner

Because, you are obviously tired to do anything like making dinner. Also, your busy work timings do not give you a lot of time to catch movies. So, just go and see a nice movie and have dinner outside. Or, even better! Order dinner at home, sit comfy in your bed, and watch your favourite movies together on your laptop. Make it a relaxing and chilled-out date!

Just goof off

Now that you have played Holi, enjoyed with your near and dear ones, it is time to make some time for each other. Close the door, keep your phone on silent, and just enjoy each other’s company. Cook together, make a collage, go through your old pictures, goof around, and try new things (if you know what we mean)!

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