Futile bid to rob Ganesha temple

A burglar made a futile attempt to rob a temple at Siddhartha Layout on Tuesday night. The incident came to light when the security guard arrived at the temple on Wednesday morning.

According to the police and security guard Mahesh, the burglar broke open the lock of the Ganapathy Temple on the Vinaya Marga Main Road on Wednesday night. As he entered the main door, he cut the electricity wires that supplied power to the CCTV cameras.

Ganapathi Tempal Siddaratha Nagar1
CCTV Footage

The thief then realised that there was UPS power supply and he cut those wires too. His entry to the temple has been recorded by the CCTV cameras and he is wearing a white full-arm shirt and a dark trousers.

The burglar then tried opening the inside door where the idol and certain ornaments were kept. He fled from the spot as he was unsuccessful in his attempt.

The security guard told the police that he had come to the temple early as morning walkers usually visit the place for Darshan. Siddhartha Layout police have visited the spot and are on the lookout for the burglar.

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