Future looks bleak

Reshuffling of Karnataka cabinet has unleashed a virtual storm of protests and chief among them are the veteran Congressman Srinivas Prasad and Ambareesh who lost their ministership. The accusation by both of them is that they stood by  Siddaramaiah and that their support was instrumental in him becoming the chief minister. Now, former minister Quamar-ul-Islam, who also lost his position in the reshuffle, has raised a banner of revolt while Ambareesh is threatening to quit the party. After being dropped, both Ambareesh and Qamar-ul-Ialam claim they would have resigned if they were asked to. They are blaming Siddaramaiah’s autocratic ways which is not new and despite this he has managed to carry on. But how long Siddaramaiah can tide over dissatisfaction growing in the party about his style of working without hurting the future electoral prospects of the party is a moot question. Siddaramaiah presently remains defiant as he has the backing of the high command, but the way the protest is gaining momentum, unless the high command intervenes to placate the hurt feelings, there is every possibility of the Congress facing a bleak future in the state.    H R Bapu Satyanarayana, Mysuru

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