Gandhiji’s contribution as a journalist is immense: Dr Bhargavi Hemmige

Mysuru, February 25:- “Gandhiji poured out his soul in his four newspapers, that is the ‘Indian Opinion,’ ‘Young India,’ ‘Navjeevan’ and ‘Harijan.’ He called them his ‘Viewspapers’,”  said Dr Bhargavi D Hemmige, assistant professor at Mahajana First Grade College, Mysuru.

She was addressing the participants at the two-day National-level seminar on ‘The social and ethical dimensions of Gandhian philosophy’ conducted by the Department of Philosophy, University of Mysore (UoM), here on February 21 and 22.

Furthermore, she said that Mahatma Gandhi did not entertain advertisements in his newspapers. He thought that the sole aim of journalism should be service and its important function is to educate the public mind, not to stick it with wanted and unwanted impressions.
Dr M D Umesha, faculty, Department of Gandhian Studies spoke on ‘Mahatma Gandhi’s convention of planting of trees and environmental protection’. He pointed out on how Gandhiji advocated conservation of forests for future generations.
Dr Sangita Girish Naik, principal, Achievers Degree College of Commerce, Kalyan, Mumbai, spoke on the significance of stays and ahimsa in Gandhian thought. (NGB, GK)

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