Ganga Cauvery river alignment; PM responds to ground nut vendors

Mysuru, September 8:- “We have sent a report regarding the necessity of aligning Ganga and Cauvery to the Prime Minister and he has responded positively to it,” said ground nut vendors at Tippu Express train, Mukkadahalli Venkatesh and Kudluru Mahadeva.

They were addressing a press meet at Mysuru press club. They said that when flood affects one part of the nation, the other suffers due to draught and interstate water disputes. They said that they found out the alignment of the northern rivers with southern rivers, water related problems would be permanently solved and it would benefit the agriculture field.

Dr S K Mittal, Srinivas Murthy, Dattathreya Shindhe were in the press meet. (KMR)

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