Geography has a major role in present-day context: Byrappa

Geography has extended its base to other branches and emerged as an inter-disciplinary subject. A geographer has a wide range of opportunities today, said Vice Chancellor of Mangalore University,  Prof K Byrappa.

He was addressing the 38th Indian Geography Congress on topic Sustainable Development, Environmental Vulnerability and Geo spatial Technology, organised by National Association of geographies (NAGI), in association with University of Mysore in the city on Monday.

He said, “Geography is a highly interdisciplinary subject, particularly with the introduction of the modern and applied geography and the emergence of GIS, aerial photography and modern geology, this subject has become relevant to sustainable development.

“Modern geography deals with social geography, political geography, economical geography, physical geography and chemical geography. A geographer can fit in to any subject or any job in today’s life.
In modern days, things like town planning, urban development, management of national resources, understanding of environment everything depends on modern concepts of geography. Modern geography covers all the aspects of life and the students of geography must be well equipped with the subject knowledge since it is relevant to the mankind,” he added.

Delivering the key note address, former Vice chancellor of Allahabad University, Prof R P Misra said, “If we want India to prosper it has to grow economically and socially. Systematic approach to planning and development is the need of hour. Today we need to talk about economic development. It is the responsibility of a geographer that the product of science must not be misused.”

“In modern day everyone talks about smart city but forgets the concept of smart village. Youths from villages move to various cities, settle there and develop the city. Today we need to introduce value education in academics and students must be trained on value education to understand the concept of economic and sustainable development,” he added.

Vice chancellor of UoM, Prof K S Rangappa, Vice chancellor of Gulbarga University, Prof S R Niranjan, President of NAGI, Prof V K Srivastava, President-elect, NAGI, Prof R B P Singh, Secretary General of NAGI, Prof S C Rai and others were present.


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