German couple refuses to take direction from a localite

A German couple on their visit to the heritage city has reportedly refused to take directions from a localite as the latter did not begin his sentence with “Do one thing” when the couple asked him for the way to Mysuru Zoo.The couple all of a sudden started walking in the opposite direction to what Raju had shown. They refused to look back despite Raju’s repeated calls to correct them. “What the f….” Raju had to say at last.Strange, you might say, but the incident occurred in front of Mysore Palace when Max and Amelie were searching for the direction to their next excursion spot. Even after staring at the local guide map for about 15 minutes, the couple did not find the direction to Mysuru Zoo and then they approached a cool looking guy sitting on the roadside fence.

Being a ‘direction’ enthusiast all through his life, Raju helped the couple with direction, not realising the blunder he had made by not starting his sentence with “Do one thing.”“This is my first visit to India. My friends who had already been here, advised me to take directions from localites rather than asking autowalas to take me to the spot. They showed me videos they had shot with localites wherein everyone had started their sentences with do one thing. But this fellow did not,” Max reasoned his choice of not listening to Raju.The guy, Amelie added, not even made the mention of dead-end right in his conversation making her doubt about his genuineness. “I have heard the typical way of address telling in India. The guy I felt wasn’t a localite and wasn’t aware of the address,” she said.       

 Raju said that he was very much a localite and a resident of Yadavagiri. He added that there might be a communication gap, and maintained that he did start the conversation with ‘ond kelsa madi’ instead of ‘Do one thing. ‘I know English but I prefer talking in Kannada,’ Raju who is also a member of ‘Ganchali Bidi Kannada Matadi’ group said. “I did it so that they ask for direction in Kannada or at least understand it,” he said.

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