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As the rain started lashing his house in south Bengaluru, Ujjawal Kumar, 42, found that a big pipe had burst, causing the water to seep through the tiles and the walls of his house. Fortunately, help was at hand via a home-services provider, who also conducted a leakage audit to prevent further damage.

“The civil engineer from OTJ247.com found that the water pipeline between the living room and the bathroom had burst causing seepage. Everything was repaired in just a week’s time,” Kumar said.

The firm has been receiving constant queries for conducting leakage audits.

“Till date we have received around 30-40 queries for leakage audits and these figures are expected to go up to 100-150 by the end of this monsoon season,” OTJ247.com Founder & CEO Prashant Rai said.

The 10-months-old firm recently launched its mobile app for the Android version and the iOS version is expected soon.

Like Kumar, Hiran Bhuyan, 56, living in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, got worried after she noticed a leaky tap in her home. With the monsoon around, she didn’t want this to snowball and so opted for a leakage audit.

Bhuyan immediately approached UrbanClap — another home-services provider — and was much relieved after a professional visited her home, replaced the leaky tap and inspected the entire network.

“The leakage check was for free drive from UrbanClap. However, for the tap that needed to be changed, the plumber went to a hardware shop, bought another tap and replaced it,” Bhuyan told IANS.

Founded in November 2014, UrbanClap proved to be a saviour for Bhuyan. An easy-to-use mobile app, it offers services across more than 80 categories, with leakage audit being highly used during monsoon.

“Our professionals are equipped to handle a thorough audit of water leakages in a home. Starting from the main water pipe, they carefully check each fixture for leaks and come up with the right solution for any damage,” UrbanClap co-founder Varun Khaitan told IANS in an e-mail interview.

Timesaverz is another player in the market that helps people ease their problems, especially during the rains.

Based in Mumbai, Timesaverz came into existence in April 2013 and has since then been dealing with problems like leakages, dampness of walls and drainage problems during rainfall, among others. The firm has been primarily active in six cities — Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune. It is now planning to expand in Ahmedabad and Chennai as well.

One can avail of their services over a call or through their website or even the mobile app.

“We offer multi-platform customer-touch points in the form of app, website and call-to-book for ease of booking services. However, the app available on both Android and iOS devices is the most preferred mode of booking,” Timesaverz.com Co-founder Debadutta Upadhyaya told IANS.

Leakage audit involves a thorough inspection of home spaces for services like water proofing and plumbing. As monsoon is here, many are opting for this practice to safeguard their homes.

In case you also suspect any leakage at your home, don’t worry. The solution is handy. Pick your phone and take a smart decision today.

Get a leakage audit done before the rains hit you hard.

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