Get set to visit Sabarmati Ashram in Mysuru

Many of you might not have visited Sabarmati Ashram in Gujarat which was home to Mohandas Gandhi, considering the long distance between the two cities. What would have been your reaction if you got to catch the glimpse of the Ashram in Mysuru. ‘Amazing’, you might say.

Two months from now and you could actually visit Sabarmati Ashram in the city as University of Mysore (UoM) has taken an initiative to set up a replica of the same to spread his principles of non-violence and truth to young minds.

The construction works of Ashram is going on beside Gandhi Study Center, UoM, located inside Manasagangotri campus. The Ashram will be converted into a museum where some of Gandhi’s belongings will be put on display.

A photo gallery depicting his life story and important events of his life such as the Dandi March, Non-Cooperation Movement and other historic struggles for Independence against British will be displayed. A separate AV Hall will screen movies on Gandhi. This apart, an exclusive library is being built to house books, journals on Gandhi, and his saying. The department will also publish 100 books on Gandhi.

Manasagangotri 1

Prior to the construction of the Ashram, a team from Gandhi Study Center, headed by its Director Dr S Shivarajappa and Executive Engineer Kishore Chandra, had visited the Sabarmati Ashram in Gujarat, to study the plan and layout of the Ashram so the same can be replicated in the campus.

According to the university officials, the construction works of the Ashram in UoM might complete by January, and soon after, the park inside the Gandhi Bhavan premises will be taken up for development. There are also plans to construct Gandhi Path and also put up for display sculptures of Gandhi and his famous Dandi March. A proposal for Rs 2.10 crore has been sent to the state government.

A meditation room among others works will also be taken up to imbibe Gandhi’s vision among today’s youth and children and all that is being done will help to create awareness among people.

The replica of Ashram in the university campus, officials believe, will attract many tourists from south India while also playing a host to school children, giving them a first-hand experience of the life of Gandhi.

Gandhi Chariot

A chariot will be sent out to spread the message of Gandhi in rural areas. Currently, there are more than 400 students studying in the department who will be roped in to inform villagers about Khadi Gramyodhama, Rural Development, Vision of Gandhi, Swachatha Abhiyan, Open Defecation, and campaign against alcohol. By doing this, students can score 50 marks which is part of their curriculum.

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