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Gift of Laparoscopy in old age cancer patients

Mysuru, October 22:- Two cancer patients who were aged 84 and 76 underwent successful Laparoscopic surgeries. Both the surgeries were performed by Dr Deepak B, Consultant Surgical Gastroenterologist who works as a freelancer in Clear Medi Radiant Hospital, Bhanavi Hospital, Appollo Hospital, Sigma Suyog Hospital and available at Poornima Clinic. Both the patients who underwent operations are doing well after the surgery.

Addressing the media persons, Dr Deepak said, “This is about two different old age cancer patients managed by us. An 84-year-old patient with bleeding gastric cancer and severe lumbar lordosis came for treatment (walks bending forward). She had repeated blood transfusion in the past. Patient was nutritionally depleted and had age-related lung changes with pulmonary hypertension. Preoperatively, patient was prepared. She underwent laparoscopic radical subtotal gastrectomy. Patient was discharged on pod 5. Major challenges were old age, severe lumbar lordosis, limited laparoscopical visibility, nutritionally depleted and pulmonary hypertension.”

“Another patient 76-year-old with pancreatic cancer was known diabetic, hypertensive, ischemic heart disease status post cardiac stent and nutritionally depleted. Patient was prepared for the surgery and she underwent whipples pancreatico duodenectomy (one major surgery for the abdominal tumour, 4 pipes had to be cut and anastomosed). The surgery usually takes 6 to 8 hours, but we planned it and finished in three-and-half-hours considering her comorbidity. Post-operatively, she had some ups and downs, but we were able to manage all the issues in the post operatively. She was discharged on pod 25. Major challenges were old age, comorbidity including cardiac disease and nutritionally depleted patients. Important areas to be focused on are pre-operation preparation, surgery and it should continue in post-operation till the patient gets discharged.”

He added, “So, improvement in modern technology has led to better care even in the old age population. It’s all because of teamwork. Special thanks to Dr Ramkrishna, my colleague, one of the main pillars of the team. And also thanks to the team members Dr Jyothi, Dr Naganand and team, OT, ICU and ward staff.” (MR)

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