Give them a chance

The pattern for IES, ISS has been changed and Civil services are along the way. In a span of 2-3 years, yet another paradigm shift and yet no succour to the candidates. While the media gives primetime coverage and devotes reams of

newsprint to a totally nonsensical issue like the FTII protests at

Pune the pleas and cries of UPSC aspirants are thrown to the winds. A

question as to why this selective hypocrisy and blatant disregard of a

burning issue.The 7th Pay Commission is out and once again a

government job has come out at the top. In a world of Economic uncertainty and distress is it fair to single out a section of population for continued

“deliberate” persecution ? The system of a cap on the age/attempts for

general category aspirants for government jobs is an anachronism and

must go. They are subjected to a double whammy of ensuring excellence

and their aspirations are sacrificed at the altar of social justice

too. The government is treating its citizens as automatons who can be

switched on and off and not as organic, living entities who are capable

of assimilating life experiences and using it to better themselves.

When no such restriction exists for exams like CAT, UGC-NET, CLAT which

are gateways to just another “paper” degree why do so for public

sector employment where jobs are the real crux of the issue ? This

reminds one of the dark days of the British Raj when the ICS ludicrous

age restriction severely crippled the chances of Indians. Our youth population demographic is increasing and 18-35 is taken as the standard definition. It is high time we did away with the age cap for all categories or at least kept it at 36 years and no measly and infuriating attempts criterion. A graduate of this nation must be given a chance at public sector employment by the state and anything

less is a form of soft genocide.


Anoop Hosmath, Mysuru

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