Globalisation’s impact on India’s culture lamented

Crass commercialisation has affected all aspects of our living be it our food and dressing habits

“Globalisation has taken its toll on India’s indigenous culture. And it is time Mahatma Gandhi’s model of Swaraj tackled the ill effects of globalisation and in turn strengthened our tradition and culture,” said Karnataka Sanskrit University former vice chancellor Prof Mallepuram G Venkatesh here on Thursday.

He was speaking at the national seminar on ‘Gandhi and Bhagavad Gita’ jointly organised by Gandhian Study Centre of University of Mysore, Maharaja Sanskrit College, Karnataka University for Culture, Karnataka Gangubhai Hanagal Music and Performing Arts University at Maharaja Sanskrit College.

With the influence of the culture of marketing and globalisation, the indigenous culture of our nation which integrated great human values suffered a severe setback. Crass commercialisation an offshoot of western influence has thus dealt a severe blow to not only our food culture but also our sense of dressing.

“The western culture with the primary aim of thursting their commodities in other countries has thus threatened our native food and various aspects of our culture. If our culture is not nurtured and protected, the future generations will have to pay a heavy price,” he added.

Quoting Mahatma Gandhi, he said that though science and technology was needed for the growth and prosperity of the society it should not overwhelm the natural pace of life, he added.

Except Hindustani music, most of the Indian arts have suffered a dent by the western culture. Even Carnatic music has not been able to protect itself from the western influence. Modernisation not only spoils the culture but also harms the health of the mankind. Gandhi was influenced by Bhagavad Gita and thus the generation today has to adopt values from the Gita, he urged.

Also, speaking at the event, Vice Chancellor of Karnataka Gangubhai Hanagal Music and Performing Arts University Prof Sarvamangala Shankar pointed that for eliminating social issues such as corruption and harassment against women in the contemporary society, there was a need to understand the vision of Mahatma Gandhi, he stressed.

Karnataka Sanskrit University Vice Chancellor Prof Padmashekar inaugurated the event. Maharaja Sanskrit College Principal Dr Bhashyam Swamiji, Gandhian Study Centre Director Dr S Shivarajappa and Associate Professor Kumar were present during the event.

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