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Go for nude make-up in rainy season

Don’t let sudden downpours play spoilsport to your make-up. Go for a nude, water-proof, minimalistic make-up in the rainy season.

Here we share some tips on selecting the right make-up when it’s raining:

* For nude make-up, you should always start with a primer and most importantly use mascara in the beginning and at the end.

* Choose shades depending on your skin tone. Use peach undertone for fair skin as it gives the face a nice freshness. For medium complexion, opt for pink as it adds warmth and give a more romantic feel. Choose caramels for darker skin tones.

* For a beautiful and natural effect, you should choose your foundation according to your natural skin tone. The colour shouldn’t be too dark. Choose a foundation that is slightly lighter than your skin tone and apply to your cheeks, bridge of the nose, chin and forehead.

* If you have fair skin, aim for the shades that are too light, which will give you the most natural look. If you have darker skin, opt for a powdered foundation. Use powder blushes, highlighters and a soft brush to contour around the hairline, across the temples and around the outer perimeter of the face.

* For the ideal nude eye, apply matte eye colours like pink, peach and caramel. It gives eyes a very nude yet classy look.

* For lips to look natural, you can choose a gloss or a matted lip stick.

* Instead of using an eyebrow pencil, consider using an eyebrow gel for a better, fresh and lasting effect.

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