Gold and silver items stolen from house in Mysuru

Mysuru, September 9:- Incidents of thefts are on the rise in the heritage city of Mysuru. On the one side, the coronavirus pandemic has left the people worried and on the other, regular thefts have left many wondering if this is the same city that was once known as ‘pensioner’s paradise.’ Those were the days of the floods when the city used to be totally peaceful without any crime. But with the changing times, the ‘city of palaces’ has undergone a sea change.

Almost every other day, a chain-snatching case is reported. If not, the thieves manage to strike at locked houses with impunity. It has become tough for women to use deserted roads in the city.

In another case of theft, thieves struck at a house at Manasi Nagar near Outer Ring Road (ORR) and walked away with gold and silver articles.  Electrical contractor Babu and his family had gone to their relative’s house when the incident took place. When they returned home, they realised the door was ajar and the gold and silver articles kept in the wardrobe were missing.

Police Sub-Inspector Vanaraj and Inspector Jeevan came to the spot and inspected. Fingerprint experts and dog squads were also pressed into service. (MR/KS)

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