Gombe Ravana a unique play portrays the way to foster children

Students of Talent Pre University College, Hunsur, staged ‘Gombe Ravana’ play at Bhoomigeetha of Rangayana, Kalamandir, on Wednesday evening.


The play is scripted by Dr Gajanana Sharma. The play showcases various characters of Ramayana through which the writer tries to tell the limitations of children. The play is all about telling kids that they should think and act according to their age and should not try to behave like elders. Gombe Ravana tells children that they should not poke nose into elderly issues and if they do so, chances of disasters are more. Kids are always curious by nature and it is the duty and responsibility of parents and elders to lead them in the right path is the moral of the play.

The play is directed by Karthik Upamanyu S and coordinated by Shashikala.

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