Good move

With the increase in the earning capacities, many people are buying cars, without looking for the space to park either at their residences or work places. This has already resulted in congestion of the roads in residential localities and at commercial streets of the towns and cities, especially in old localities, where the roads are very narrow. After realizing this, now the central government is planning to take a decision to ask the buyers to submit a certificate mandatorily at the time of registration of their vehicles, having parking place at their residence. In countries like Japan, where land space is a constraint, this certificate is mandatory to purchase a four wheeler. Even they need to get the space allotment done for parking from their employer. Then only they are allowed to take their vehicle to their workplace. Similar rule also may be implemented especially in the cities to avoid choking the city roads by parking for long duration as is being seen in Mysuru also at all major roads in the central business district like DD Urs road, Ashoka road, Sayyaji Rao road, etc. Hope this new rule may bring down congestion or at least prevents worsening of the situation further. 

Dr S V N Vijayendra, Mysuru

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