Good news for cycling enthusiasts

Cycling is one of the highly acknowledged sports in the world. Cycling is not a sport which can be just taught on the field or a court. It needs the physical strength to peddle for miles together and skill to tackle any possible mishap on road at any moment. Participating in competitive cycling is not easy as it sounds. It needs dedication, fitness and competency. Mysuru city is having a boom of cycling enthusiasts, but there is still a vacuum for a good trainer.

Nagaraj, a businessman, accidentally turned out to be a cycling coach. The poor man’s transportation has now become rich man’s hobby and is not easy to be a competitive cyclist with limited resources. With all these limitations, Nagaraj successfully trained three young lads named Shivaraj, Tejasvi and Kamalraj who have won several medals in cycling.

To make cycling more popular in Mysuru and to churn out more champions from the city, Nagaraj is getting into a new venture. Knowing his enthusiasm and dedication towards cycling, world’s leading cycle manufacturers ‘Giant Starkenn’ has made him to set up a full-fledged cycle showroom at T K Layout, Mysuru.

Nagaraj will be training students along with marketing cycles. Training for the cyclists has always been a costly affair. “Many cycling coaches charge very high for the training. But being a cycling enthusiast, I won’t charge them much. I charge them a lower rate as possible and make champions out of them. When they go out for competitive cycling, I get sponsorship for them as it should not be a financial burden for them,” Nagaraj says.

“If a cycling enthusiast wants to be trained and is passionate about cycling, but is in no financial condition to afford even this minimal charge, I am ready to train them for free. I will support their enthusiasm and dedication towards the sport,” he says.

The cycle showroom and the training will begin tomorrow. Nagaraj hopes to see more cycling enthusiasts and guide them with his experience, spanning over 25 years. The streets of the heritage city may see the cyclists ruling the roads again.

-By Shrithi Joyappa K

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