Good step

On the occasion of road safety week, in a much needed action, city traffic cops have  taken up ‘operation footpath’ to make way for safe movement of pedestrians on all major roads in central business district of the city. In fact, this should have been taken up by the MCC. However, this eviction effect should not limit for a day or two.  All shopkeepers should cooperate with the traffic police and MCC in making way for pedestrian movement by not occupying the footpaths in future. Similarly, pedestrians, as far as posible, should avoid walking on the roads and use zebra crossings on the road, which is very much required for their own safety and not put  drivers to risk by going against vehicle movement. Nowadays, violation of lane discipline is seen especially on Sayyaji Rao road. Several two wheelers riders are riding  their  vehicles against the flow of the traffic, which is not safe for themselves and other riders too. Traffic police are requested to focus on this and prevent such violations in the city center.

 Dr. S.V.N. Vijayendra, Mysuru

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