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Good storytelling can help you woo your girl!

Love to spin good stories at any point of time? You can win a woman’s heart faster as according to researchers, women find men who are good storytellers more appealing and sexy.The findings showed that women rated men who were good storytellers as more desirable and potential long-term partners. It is because the man shows that he knows how to connect, to share emotions and, possibly, to be vulnerable, the team noted.”Further, he is also indicating that he is interesting and articulate and can also gain resources and provide support,” the researchers said in the work published in the journal Personal Relationships.”Stories are profoundly intimate. It is empowering to the teller because they get recognition from the listener. And it is empowering to the listener because it helps them understand the teller,” Kari Winter, historian and literary critic, was quoted as saying in

Staying up all night talking, telling stories that were revealing and illuminating can help continue the bond in a relationship.Moreover, telling each other stories is likely to help you remember why you were attracted to each other in the first place, the researchers said.The way people construct their individual stories can also have a larger impact on their physical and mental health. In addition, people who frame their personal narratives in a positive way have more life satisfaction.Highlighting great memories or successes that the couple had together in the past can also help in reconnecting.

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