Google dedicates doodle to Dr Rajkumar on his birthday

Google today dedicated its doodle to Veteran Kannada actor Varanata Dr Rajkumar and paid a tribute to the star on the occasion of his 88th birth anniversary.

The doodle sees a larger-than-life Rajkumar on the silver screen while the audience sitting in a theatre cheers for him. According to Google doodle team’s post on their blog, “Early drafts of today’s Doodle featured different interpretations of the beloved star’s work.

The first doodle illustrates of Dr Rajkumar singing and holding the white bird from Kasturi Nivasa, a quintessential Kannada drama and a cornerstone of Rajkumar’s cinematic legacy.

Another doodle draft showcases an array of iconic characters Dr Rajkumar played over a half century of acting. Ultimately, the doodle team decided to feature Rajkumar’s larger-than-life personality beaming at a crowd of moviegoers from the silver screen where his legacy lives on for generations of Indian audiences.”

The doodle will be seen for the entire day today.


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