Google India, Ministry of IT launch initiatives for PM Modi’s ‘New India’

In keeping with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of a ‘New India’, Google India and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) announced a set of initiatives aimed at empowering citizens and creating abundant opportunities for all.

Some key areas outlined as part of this initiative include enabling a safe and secure digital payments experience, imparting digital skills for artisans and Android skills training for students and developers.

Digital Payments

As India moves to a less cash society through adoption of digital payments, Google India and MEITY will support the launch of a ‘Digital Payments Security Alliance’ in collaboration with the Data Security Council of India (DSCI).

The Alliance will bring together several stakeholders from the ecosystem including Banks, Fintech Companies and Government. The Alliance will enable key initiatives to make security a foundation for India’s twin pronged Digital and Financial Inclusion Programs.

“Digital Unlocked” for Artisans

Handicrafts industry with over seven million artisans provides the second largest source of employment in India, after agriculture. Further, it has a huge impact on export and foreign exchange earnings for the country.

Skills development

The majority of India’s Internet user base today accesses the Internet from their mobile phones and almost all the future Internet users in India and many of the world’s emerging countries will be mobile only.

Other initiatives that Google India and MEITY will undertake in India include: proliferating the Indic web; enhancing government’s online presence especially on mobile platforms to enable citizen engagement and training and capacity building programs on digital tools.


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