Government should enable access to the socially challenged groups to promote social inclusion, says Dr Bhargavi D Hemmige

Bengaluru, July 25:- The power of social media is yet to be harnessed to its fullest potential by the marginalized of the society  in there endeavour towards Equality and dignity in the society said Head, Department of Journalism, SBRR Mahajana College, Mysuru Dr Bhargavi D Hemmige.

Speaking at the International Conference 2017, Quest for equality organized by Government of Karnataka at University of Agricultural Sciences, GKVK Campus recently at Bengaluru she said, “Many marginalized are at the risk of digital exclusion and the government should enable access to the socially and economically challenged groups especially the students of rural area to promote social inclusion.”

Dr Bhargavi was among selected 300 speakers National and Internationally. The other speakers in the technical session titled “Social Movements and Social Transformation” were Prof Angela P Harris, Dept. Of Law, UC Berkeley School of Law who examined Critical Law Theory stating how law sometimes reinforces the subordination of marginalized groups another speaker Dr Corinne Lennox, Prof in Human Rights at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies spoke of the role of advocacy groups in bringing the attention of local problems in International forums.

Prof Channaveer R M, Director Central University of Karnataka chaired the session. 20 students from Dept of Journalism, SBRR Mahajana College attended the seminar and listened to the galaxy of speakers at the conference.

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