Govt announces reservation matrix of all 65 wards of MCC

Mysuru, June 21:- As the present term of the Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) council members is coming to an end in September this year, the state government announced the draft reservation matrix of all the 65 wards in the city.

According to the new draft reservation matrix announced by the Urban Development Department published in the Karnataka Rajyapatra, a total of 17 wards has been reserved for General category, 16 wards for General (women) category, 9 wards for Backward classes (A), 2 wards for Backward classes (B), 8 wards for Backward classes (A) women, 2 wards for Backward classes (B) women, 4 wards for Scheduled Caste, 2 wards for Scheduled Tribes, 4 wards for Scheduled Caste (women) and 1 ward for Scheduled Tribe (women).

According to the notification of the Urban Development Department, based on the 2011 population census, the reservation matrix of all 65 MCC wards coming under MCC has been issued and the department has given 7-day deadline for the general public to file objections from the day of issue of notification (June 19).

The state had recently announced the final notification delimiting all the 65 wards in Mysuru city, though there were no changes in the number of wards, there has been a drastic change in the numbering of wards.

Now with the announcement of the reservation matrix, the ward-wise political activities is expected to gain momentum.

Draft Reservation matrix of 65 wards of Mysuru City Corporation

Ward NoArea


1Hebbal, LakshmikanthanagarBackward Classes (A)-Women


2Manchegowdana KoppaluGeneral


3Mahadeshwara LayoutBackward Classes (B)-Women


4Hebbal, LokanayakanagarGeneral


5KumbarakoppaluBackward Classes (A)


6GokulamGeneral Women


7MetagalliScheduled Caste


8Bannimantap Hudco LayoutGeneral


9KesareBackward Classes (B)


10RajeevnagarBackward Classes (B) Women


11Shanthinagar (Mahadevapura Road)General
12Shanthinagar (Indiragandhi Road)General Women
13UdayagiriBackward Classes (B)


14SatyanagarBackward Classes (A) Women


15RajendranagarScheduled Caste


16Subhash NagarBackward classes (A)




18YadavagiriScheduled Tribe


19JayalakshmipuramBackward Classes (A)-Women




21Gangotri layoutGeneral Women


22PaduvarahalliScheduled Caste Women


23SubbarayanakereBackward Classes (A)


24Mandi MohallaGeneral


25Tilak NagarGeneral


26Meena BazarGeneral Women


27VeeranagareBackward Classes (A) Women


28GandhinagarBackward Classes (A)


29N R MohallaGeneral


30KyatamaranahalliBackward Classes (A) Women


31K N Pura, Ghousia NagarGeneral


32Ghousia Nagar A block, Usmania NagarGeneral
33Aziz Sait NagarGeneral




35SathagalliBackward Classes (A)


36Yaraganahalli, Ambedkar ColonyBackward Classes (A) Women


37Raghavendra NagarBackward Classes (A)


38Giribovi PalyaScheduled Caste


39Gayathripuram 1st stageScheduled Caste Women


40Lashkar MohallaBackward Classes (A) Women


41Devaraja MohallaGeneral


42K G KoppalGeneral Women


43T K LayoutGeneral Women


44JanatanagarGeneral Women


45Sharadaevi NagarGeneral




47KuvempunagarBackward Classes (A)


48JayanagarScheduled Tribe (Women)


49LakshmipuramBackward Classes (A) Women


50SunnadakeriScheduled Tribe


51AgraharaBackward Classes (A)




53KurubarahalliBackward Classes (A)


54Gundurao NagarGeneral Women


55Chamundi PuramGeneral Women


56KrishnamurthypuramGeneral Women


57Kuvempunagar CITBGeneral Women


58RamakrishnanagarGeneral Women


59Kuvempunagar M BlockGeneral Women


60AshokapuramGeneral Women


61VidyaranyapuramGeneral Women


62VishweshwaranagaraScheduled Tribe Women


63J P NagarScheduled Caste Women


64AravindanagarGeneral Women


65SrirampuraScheduled Caste




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