Govt has not approved 4-Iane road project to Chamundi Hills

In a conflicting statement, Karnataka Rajya Hindulida­vargagala Jagrutha Vedike state president K S Shi­varam said that the state government has not official­ly approved the four-lane road project for Chamundi Hills; the agitation by NGOs and leaders of various par­ties is politically motivated. On behalf of the govern­ment, the Deputy Commis­sioner should come out with a clarification to stop the on­going agitations.

Addressing a press con­ference on Friday in the city, Shivaram said that Chamundi Temple atop the hills is visited by thou­sands of pilgrims and tour­ists from across the country and world. “Providing ba­sic facilities atop the hills is a necessity for which the government has taken up the developmental works in eight acres of land. Howev­er, the political parties are trying to take mileage out of it. The recent agitation by

NGOs and leaders is politi­cally motivated. The govern­ment officially has not ap­proved any four- lane project to the hills. The ongoing work at Chamundi Hills is towards providing parking facility which could accom­modate 600 cars, shelter for pilgrims and toilet facilities for the pilgrims. We, the res­idents of the city should not oppose such works which is for the benefit of the people. The loopholes in the project may be sorted out by sug­gesting alternatives.”

Further he said that “I wonder why political repre­sentatives are mum over the issue. Deputy Commission­er should speak out, clarify over the issue in the inter­ests of Mysureans.

Samajavadi Party state president C T Acharya, corporator H S Prakash, Karnataka Rajya Hindulida­vargagala Jagrutha Vedike general secretary A H Krish­negowda and Raju of Akhila Karnataka Bhuvi Yuva Ve­dike were present.

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