Govt should set up food regulatory bodies in all states: Dr Manjunath

To ensure quality of food the government should set up Food Quality Regulatory Au­thority in all states urged Dr C N Manjunath, Director of Jay­adeva Institute of Cardio Vas­cular Sciences, Bengaluru.

He was speaking after inaugurating the convoca­tion of JSS Ayurveda Medi­cal College at its premise here on Thursday.

Addressing the gradu­ates, he said that in Indian people continue to be cal­lous about their health. Un­less an emergency such as food poison occurs we do not bother about the quality of food one eats. This is com­mon among those residing in the villages than in urban ar­eas. Taking note of this, the government should set up food regulatory authorities in all the states and ensure that people are made aware of the importance of consum­ing healthy food. That apart a mechanism should be made for frequent attestation of the quality of food. Monthly test by experts including food scientists should be a man­datory, he added.

He also mentioned that 30 to 40 percent of people are not having comprehensive health in the country.

Nearly 70 percent of the doctors suffered from Vitamin D deficiency due to lack of exposure to the sun.  – Dr C N Manjunath

Speaking on the levels of pollution and malnutrition, he noted that we should start conserving water during rainy season instead of panicking during drought. Conserva­tion of water sources should be the top most priority as it results in a healthy environ­ment. Once all these are ac­complished there would be improvement in the general health of the public. Added to people fall prey to communi­cable and non-communica­ble diseases owing to poor eating habits and lifestyle is­sues, he added.

Among 50 percent of non-communicable diseases, 25 percent is related to cardio. A majority of the people who suffer cardiac problem fall between the age groups of 30 and 40 years of age, he said.

Dr Manjunath noted that there have been serious alle­gations by patients that doc­tors were not spending time with patients. There may be many methods to diagnose the diseases but what the doctors today are forgetting is the best method is render­ing a patient hearing.


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