Govt yet to rebuild Syed Ishaq’s library destroyed in a fire

Mysuru, October 20:- Syed Ishaq, 63, an economically underprivileged daily wage worker who lost his library on April 9, 2021 in a fire incident at Shanthinagar in the city, on Tuesday (October 19) expressed his inability to secure the required government funds to reconstruct the library. He said that he has been waiting for the funds for several months now.

Ishaq’s library comprising 11,000 books and newspapers were destroyed by miscreants who set fire to his library.

Many people came forward to help reconstruct the library, but the government six months ago had promised Ishaq that they would construct a new library for him and the work is yet to start.

He is keeping the books and newspapers under a tree and running the library. Whenever there is heavy rains, he rushes to collect all his books in a gunny bag.

“Since help from the government is not forthcoming, I am planning to construct the library on my own in a shed,” says Ishaq.  (AM/KS)

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