Graduation Day of MYRA school of business held

Mysuru, June 27:-MYRA School of Business successfully concluded its 4th Convocation Ceremony recently at its sylvan campus.

Santosh Desai, MD and CEO- Futurebrands India graced the occasion as the Chief Guest along with and Dr Ramasastry Ambarish and Ranjan Mathai both members of the Governing Board, MYRA where graduating MYRAcles or MYRA’s student alumni were presented with their respective PGDM and PGPX qualifications.

Dr Shalini Urs, Chairperson, MYRA speaking on this occasion quoting Jawaharlal Nehru and his “Tryst with Destiny” stressed on the importance of accountability for individuals and organizations.

She said, when it comes to educational institutions accountability is not just for the present but also for the past and the future.  Graduation days are those moments to introspect on commitments made and honored. She said that MYRA redeems and renews its commitment to excellence in education every graduation day.


Delivering his convocation address, Santosh Desai stressed upon the mantra of continuous self-learning lifelong to stay competitive. Taking many examples and anecdotes, he extolled the virtues and imperativeness of lifelong learning especially self-learning for the current generation.

He also said, we are in a way going back to the days of thumb prints, given the digital era we are in and we can navigate through thumbs and icons. Mr. Desai impressed on the young graduates the level playing field given the democratization of learning cutting across society and demographics. He also highlighted the role of questioning and skepticism while being agents of this change rather than being mere followers and being overwhelmed by change itself.

Dr Sudhindra Seshadri, Senior Associate Dean and Distinguished Professor of Marketing and Ranjan Mathai, member of the Governing Board, MYRA conferred the degrees through formal oath.

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