Great escape for newborn baby

The condition of a newly born baby, which was undergoing at the Apollo BGS Hospital, turned critical, after it was allegedly administered expired medicine.  The parents of the baby accused the doctors of negligence and held Apollo Pharmacy attached to the hospital responsible for the problem. They urged the concerned authorities to take stringent action against the guilty to avoid such incidents in future.

Ravi, father of the child said, “One of the twins, who was born on Friday last week was underweight. Doctors advised us to admit the baby to a prestigious hospital for better treatment. I took my baby to Apollo Hospital on Saturday where the baby underwent treatment at a cost of Rs 17,000 per day. After the doctors administered medicine, the baby’s condition critical and it has not opened eyes even after two days of treatment. Now, the baby has been admitted to another private hospital where it is recovering.”

Costly lapse

According to Ravi, father of the baby, Calciferol oral drops, named Mashyne, administered to the baby, was manufactured in December 2014 and the expiry date was May 2016.

Doctor Yashawantha, who treated the baby, it seems, has apologised for the mistake and agreed to take full responsibility. However, the hospital administration refused to make any statement to the media. “I will file a case in this regard for justice,” thundered Ravi.


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