Great experience to be in Mysuru: Kajal Aggarwal

Love to do an action film and a comedy film, says actor Kajal Aggarwal

Ever-smiling multilingual actress Kajal Aggarwal, who is busy shooting for her upcoming Tamil film ‘Paris Paris’ in the heritage city Mysuru, took time off and spoke to CityToday about her new flick, her dream role, her experience in Mysuru, the city of palaces and gardens and much more.

Kajal, who has carved a niche in Tollywood and Kollywood industry with her inimitable style, is shooting in Mysuru for her new movie. The chirpy actress is reprising the role of Rani Mehra played by Kangana Ranaut in the Hindi film ‘Queen.’

Speaking to CityToday on what made her choose the film and how did she prepare for her role, Kajal said, “I fell for the story ever since I watched the original film and I was happy to be part of the film which is being remade in Tamil. I held long discussion and had a few meetings with the director Ramesh Aravind and his associate in advance before shooting for the project.”

Celebrating the birthday of actress Parul Yadav on the sets of ‘Paris Paris’

How do you accept a role in a film?

I say okay to the projects only after I am convinced with the story, my role in the film and the screenplay, anything else comes later. I also look at who is directing the film. Of course, it plays a pivotal role.

You have worked in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi industries, do you feel any difference?

I have been part of all the three industries and I feel the same atmosphere prevails everywhere. I don’t find any differences or can’t distinguish either, but could find many similarities.

What do you feel about Kannada film Industry?

Kannada film industry is fabulous, a creative and a rapidly growing industry. I have watched a few Kannada films including ‘Chakravyuha’ and films of actor Sudeep.

When will you make a debut in Kannada films?

I have been offered many roles in Kannada films and I am about to make a film in Kannada. Soon I will be acting in Kannada.

Your dream role…?

I would love to do an action film, a comedy film, would wish to act in a negative film and in a film which has intense love story.

Your upcoming films?

I have signed two films in Telugu, I am making a film in Punjabi and one Tamil movie.

How do you feel shooting in Mysuru, how was your experience?

I feel good to be here, it’s a great experience shooting in Mysuru. I went on to watch a movie in Mysuru city and also tasted the famous ‘Dosa’ at Hotel Mylari.


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