Great response for ‘Birbal’ auditions in Mysuru

Mysuru, July 24:- It was a scene of last minute preparation and a feel of nervousness for the aspiring actors who were aiming to give their ‘Best performance’ for the auditions of upcoming Kannada film ‘Birbal Trilogy’ held at Pramathi School in the city.

Hundreds of aspiring actors, theatre-artists from the city and from far places had queued in a serpentine line in-front of the audition room to try their luck and fulfil their dream of acting in a ‘Feature Film’.


Actor, Director M G Srinivas aka Srini of ‘Topiwala’ and ‘Srinivasa Kalyana’ fame had called for an audition to select actors for his upcoming Kannada film ‘Birbal’. The director who had finished a round of audition in Bengaluru, conducted an audition in Mysuru to get some ‘Quality’ actors and a ‘Female Lead’ to act in his film.

After the success of ‘Srinivasa Kalyana’, Srini announced a three-part thriller series titled ‘Birbal Trilogy’ produced by T R Chandrashekhar. The first part of the thriller is titled ‘Finding Varjramuni’ and next up will be Avran bit, Ivran Bit, Avryaaru? Followed by ‘Turremane’.

Srini provided a platform for hundreds of aspiring actors of the city to showcase their talents and had promised to rope in some ‘Quality’ actors who suit the characters of his film.

Hundreds of aspiring actors showed up in good numbers to the day long auditions and tried all the ‘Mantra’s they had prepared to make an impression during the audition.20228865_1654323191279085_6809098564806342489_n

Speaking to CityToday about the audition Director M G Srinivas said, “A good number of actors had showed up to the auditions and we were happy to find some quality actors who suit the character of the film. We were impressed with the performance of a few participants and will shortlist them soon and call for the final round of selection.”

The ‘Srinivasa Kalyana’ Actor-Director had earlier selected 100 and odd aspiring actors in an audition conducted in Bengaluru. The team is expected to conduct two more auditions in Mangaluru and Hubli and later an ‘Online Audition’ to provide a platform for passionate actors.


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